Executive plan for the new Water Treatment Plant in La Plata, with a capacity of 10,000m³/h, to supply the districts of La Plata, Berisso and Ensenada.

Project components:

  •  Raw water intake works in the Río de La Plata, pump station with intake chamber and piping to the treatment plant.
  • New treatment plant with a rated capacity 10,000 m³/h.
  • Pumping and piping of treated water to the distribution centre by means of a pump station, treated water tank and distribution pipeline to Parque San Martín, including two intermediate regulation cisterns.

Summary of Final Project stages:

-          Hydraulic Project: Hydraulic transients study for the inclusion of protection devices against water hammer. Study and design of the different works processes dimensions.

-          Electromechanical Project:  Design and technical specifications of electric pumps, mechanical flocculators, chemical dosing pumps, gates, valves, compressors, etc.

-          Structure and Civil Works Project: design of all concrete and metal structures (foundations, Parshall flumes, flocculators, settlers, filters, chambers, anchors, plate settlers, cisterns, intake chambers, etc).

-          Instrumentation and control project: detailed design and technical specification of the tools required to determine the basic parameters of process control (flow rate, pressure, levels, turbidity, pH, residual chlorine, pressure loss, among others). Centralization of the information in a central monitoring station (visualization of the operating status of the plant, data storage for statistical analysis, chronological register of events, etc).

Electrical installation: measuring of the lighting and power electrical installations, including the necessary elements for fitting out and protection in all the installations.