We have a highly qualified interdisciplinary professional and technical staff, all of its members with recognized national and international careers.
The company has an advanced technology software and equipment infrastructure.
We accompany our customers for the entire lifecycle of their processes thus guaranteeing high quality products.
We were active participants in the creation of a new model of service provision by means of the creation of the company Aguas Bonaerenses S.A.



    We lead our clients to an efficient management of resources with the aim of guaranteeing acceptable quality levels.

    We operate drinking water services, providing technical assistance to the provider companies with the purpose of ensuring quality, quantity, continuity and pressure all year round .

    We operate sewer services properly, providing technical assistance to the provider companies carrying out wastewater treatment, in order to guarantee the minimum of sewage overflowing.

    Our positioning as pioneers in the Technical Operation is supported by our expertise and the value generated in our clients processes. We have a highly qualified interdisciplinary professional and technical staff, all of its members with recognized national and international careers.


    We plan in a sustainable way, endeavoring towards engineering management excellence in all our processes.

    We create projects on the basis of management and quality indicators from our operative data base, making use of our professional experience and innovating with advanced technologies.

    We manage information in a well-organized, efficient manner for each project development, with an integrated approach to local solutions and aiming at a global water and sanitation strategy.

    We design operative plans to improve de quality levels of the water and sanitation services of the provider companies.


    We provide our clients with the know-how and the tools necessary to improve their operative actions.

    After identifying and defining the sector investment needs of our clients, we analyze operating expenses and determine resource requirements to elaborate operation and maintenance budgets, on the basis of technical-operative information and the financing possibilities, in order to improve the quality levels and the priorities of the provider companies.

    We plan works projects and operating actions, endeavoring to consolidate the commitment with sustainable development.


    Experts in information technology solutions specifically related to the processes involved in the management of water and sanitation services.

    We design procedures and IT solutions which enable an efficient management of the resources used for the water and sanitation services provision, and which also create added value for the decision-making processes of our customers.

    Our customers are offered software and our own IT systems as support to the general, operating and commercial management and by means of the development of the (S.I.G.O.P.), Sistema Integral de Gestión Operativa (Operating Management Comprehensive System) for optimized general operation.

    We design and develop Automatic control and telemonitoring systems to improve our customers’ performance ―through safe and efficient processes―, allowing real-time measuring of the processes and so enabling its integration with management information for decision-making and best use of resources.

    We do research into technologies leading to our processes and products continuous improvement with a permanent critical revision approach, in pursuit of functionality, efficiency, processes streamlining and satisfaction.