We are Technical Operators of water and sewer service provider Companies.
We were active participants in the creation of a new model of service provision by means of the creation of the company Aguas Bonaerenses S.A.


We are Technical Operators of water and sewer service provider Companies.

Our wide experience in the field, backed up by our range of services for over a decade in Latin America, has made us market leaders.

Our positioning as pioneers in Technical Operation is supported by our expertise and the value generated in our customers’ processes.

We have a highly qualified interdisciplinary professional and technical staff, all of its members with recognized national and international careers.

The company has an advanced technology software infrastructure, meeting rooms with audiovisual equipment and facilities for videoconferences and offices which meet the ergonomic usability standards.

Our mission

To be leaders in the operation of water and wastewater services, actively contributing to the identification and solution of the various problems in an effective and efficient way, studying and applying the new practices that international standards require concerning operative actions and new technologies adoption.

Our vision

To consolidate strategic alliances with national and international companies, cooperatives and public services bodies, aiming at improving the service quality and aspiring to business management modeling and universal service through all our activity areas so that present and future generations enjoy a better quality of life.

Our values

We work towards excellence in management with a long term vision and a firm belief in contributing all our talent and effort, being continuously committed to public health, natural resources and environmental care.